Bridge Between Two Worlds (Excerpt 1)

Editor: Nicholas Dunlop
Producer: Artemis International & Inavision Films
Broadcaster: SBS-1 (Destination Australia Series)
Program Length: 1 broadcast hour

Bridge Between Two Worlds charts the remarkable story of three newly arrived refugee children as they make their way through the last six months of an intensive English course at the Highgate Primary School, in Perth, Western Australia.

The documentary tells these stories from the children’s own perspective and allows an audience unique access into their emotional world. It provides a beautifully intimate portrait of their struggles and their triumphs marked by laughter, tantrums and tears.

Stylistically Bridge Between Two Worlds is a rich tapestry. Observational documentary is interwoven with: animation; the children’s photography, artwork, songs and storytelling; and evocative exploration.

Courtesy Artemis International and Inavision Films.